Our Range of Best Smart Watches

FAQs Regarding Boult's Best Smartwatches 

Q1. What are the best smartwatches from Boult?

All Boult smartwatch devices are best-in-class offering a great user experience. But to name some, Drift, Ridge, Dive+ and Rover are some of the best smart watches from Boult.

Q2. Are Boult Smartwatch devices enabled with Bluetooth Calling?

To meet the requirements of every kind of user, we develop simple and Bluetooth calling smartwatch devices both. You can always check the product specifications before you buy it. Rover, Drift, Dive+, Ridge and other smart watches from Boult are enabled with Bluetooth calling

Q3. Are the Boult smart watches water-resistant in nature?

Of course. Boult's best smartwatches are certified with IP67 and IP68 protection and can withstand water drops, spills, and splashes very easily.

Q4. Does Boult have any fitness smartwatch?

All the watches from Boult are fitness smartwatch devices as they offer various sports modes and a complete health tracker that help in keeping you fit and healthy.

India's Best Smartwatches for Men & Women

Boult smartwatches are specifically designed to cut the unnecessary clutter in your daily life, like calling, manually setting up alarms, fitness tracking. Boult offer a complete handsfree experience with its wide range of smart watches. With industry best crystal clear BT calling, you will never miss any call or any message. That too on big HD display that is ultra bright even in sunlight. With 120+ sports mode you will run out of excuses to hit your excuses. The Dedicated fitness tracking feature analyze your workout data and offer better insights.

Not only this, Boult smartwatches also have complete health monitor, that monitor your heart health at regular intervals. You will get a notification if this fitness tracking smartwatch detect any heart abnormality. Talking of battery life, Boult Premium smartwatches offer battery life of 7 to 15 days. Best battery life for smartwatches in the market.

The Rover Pro is best example of fusion of style and technology. with industry leading 1000 nits brightness offered by 1.43" Curved AMOLED screen.

Boult smartwatches break you free from the constant loop of checking your phone for every notification or call. Now dismiss the unwanted, focus draining notification, calls and messages from your wrist.

A viewing Delight for your eyes: AMOLED & FHD Displays Smartwatches

Displays plays an vital role in smartwatches as better display offer better experience. Boult offer their smartwatches displays in HD(High-Definition) and AMOLED(Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode). Both HD & AMOLED displays are great in the value they offer. HD display offers top quality sharp images and text. AMOLED displays offer mesmerizing colours and deep blacks, immersive viewing experience.

Crystal clear Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch:  

Boult Bluetooth Smart watch redefines hand-free calling, offer crystal clear calling so that you stay connected to your friends, collouges and loved ones. Experience the industry leading BT calling assisting you with better productivity and convenience in any situation. Check out the best BT Calling smartwatches Crown Pro and Ripple Pro.

Fitness Tracking

Are you a fitness freak and being in the perfect fit is the optimal goal for you then Boult Smartwatches are here to help you in achieving your fitness goal. Boult Smartwatches comes with complete fitness tracking features, so smart it monitors your heart rate, count your steps, sleep pattern analysis and the best calorie counter. The insights will motivate you to take important steps toward your health bliss.

Custom Watch faces:

Boult smartwatches breaks the old fashioned smartwatches design by offering 150+ watch faces options, for every occasion and event. Ditch your boring single watchface smartwatch and feel the power of customization. Simply connect to cloud and download your watchfaces. Watch faces defines the style statement, mood and occasion. seamlessly merge the smartwatch with your outfit. Download Boult Track app for customization.

Massive Battery life

With Battery life of up to 7-15 days, Boult smartwatches never let you disconnect from your loved ones. The massive battery that last for days saves you from constant hassle of charging your smartwatch, hence enhancing your productivity and freedom.

Boult Smartwatches Productivity Features:

Smartwatches offered by boult comes packed with tons of features that enhances your productivity in daily life. The productivity feature includes Notification syncing, Latest message reminder, Goal achievement reminder, SMS, WhatsApp, Socials, Emails and sedentary reminders.

Smartwatches for Style

With increasing popularity of wearable technology, style has merged with seamlessly with the smartwatches. Wear your smartwatch to anywhere and be the centre of attention. Boult offer best stylish smartwatches without compromising with features. Checkout the bestselling smartwatches to enhance your style.

Smartwatches for Luxury

Are you Premium luxury fan and want to own a luxury looking watch but also want smartwatch features, then Boult has launched luxury line of smartwatches. Mirage, Crown R Pro are best luxury smartwatch to satisfy your luxury looks needs accompanied with industry best smartwatch features.

Smartwatches for women 

Let's celebrate the women power with Boult Smartwatches and it specially designed Female Menstrual Cycle feature that notifies about women periods and make it easy to track the monthly mensural cycle. Boult have dedicated curated line of smartwatch for women & girls.

Smartwatches under 1500
Crown Pro
Crown X
Striker Plus

Smartwatches under 2000
Sterling Pro
Rover Pro