The Complete Home Audio Solution - Best Soundbars & Home Theatre in India.

At Boult, We really understands the demands of movie lovers and home theatre lovers. Boult has launched the best quality soundbar for delivering exceptional cinematic experience.
Bring the top-tier theatre-like cinema to your home offered by BOULT BassBox - Soundbar with Subwoofer. Bassbox comes in two variant suitable for multiple use - X180 & X120. You must came accros a question that which soundbar is best, we can assure you that Boult soundbar are best. BassBox 180 is best soundbar under 10000.

Explosive 180W & 120W Peak Output Soundbars

The subwoofer accompanied with Soundbar Bluetooth speaker generate ultra deep bass for perfect and clear dialogues. The thunderous rumbbling bass will hook you to the movie screen during action sequence in the movie.
Here's a guide on how to connect soundbar to tv with hdmi.

Experience the Cinematic Ambience with Surround Sound:
Boult presents the complete home audio for Movie and Music. The 2.1 channel soundbar speaker bluetooth features Dedicated DSP Technology which offers True-to-life sound reproduction, which you will hear the lossless studio quality audio. 120W - 180W watts soundbar is good for home.

Real-Time Audio upscaling: This feature works by increasing the resolution of audio file, upscaling audio reduces the distorsion of the music at higher volume. Delivering a crystal-clear sound. Soundbars are better than speakers.

True-to-Life sound reproduction:
This feature enhances the audio quality and delivers a true to life studio quality sound. you can hear every instrument.

Rich-Audio Processing:
Experience only high-quality music with Boult's Rich Audio processing, Even a low quality audio feel like studio quality audio.Soundbar for LED TV.

Your Audio, Turbo Charged

Dynamic Range Control:
DRC feature allow you to adjust the dynamic range of signals by measuring levels and adjusting them adaptively for exceptionally high resolution audio output. Soundbar with woofer.

Deep-Bass wired subwoofer produced better bass than sounbar with dolby atmos.

Studio quality bass response - 2 full-range BoomX drivers

Boult has offered 3 Dedicated EQ Modes, So, that you can enjoy each genre to the fullest - These Modes include - Movie, Music and News Mode.
Soundbar at lowest price. BassBox is Sounbar without Battery.

FAQs Regarding Boult's Soundbars

How to connect Boult Soundbar to TV with HDMI?

On the back of your TV, look for the HDMI input slot labelled ARC (Audio Return Channel), or eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel). On the back of your sound bar, find the TV OUT (ARC) slot. Connect both slots with the HDMI cable.

Is BassBox soundbar better than speakers?

Yes, Boult soundbar are better than speaker due to its surround sound Rich Audio feature.

Does the wired subwoofer comes along with Soundbar?

Yes, Bassbox comes with high quality subwoofer that delivers thunderous bass.

Can't connect my soundbar with my TV via Bluetooth.

This may occur if the Bluetooth® function of your BassBox soundbar is off. To turn it on, press and hold the(power),(input select), and-(volume) buttons on the soundbar at the same time for more than ten seconds.

Is Soundbar worth the money?

BassBox Soundbars are great!! IF they have a decent sub and at least 2 channels. Ideal to use ad TV Speaker.