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Best Bluetooth Speakers With Mic - Making Conversations More Fun

One of the widely used audio devices across the globe is Bluetooth speakers. Whether it is a home, workplace, or even a small party, Bluetooth speakers are used for various purposes. Some of these purposes arise the need for an in-built mic in Bluetooth speakers. In this article, we are going to discuss the best Bluetooth speakers enabled with a mic and their uses as well. So, keep reading.

Utility of a Mic in a Bluetooth Speaker

The built-in mics given in Bluetooth speakers can be used for the following purposes:

  • Office Meetings: At your workplace, if you and your team want to do an online meeting with a vendor or an agency or even with your client, then a speaker incorporated with a mic can come in handy and help you a lot in loud and clear discussions.
  • Calls: Whether you are in your cabin at the workplace or in your room at your home, you can always have a hands-free calling with Bluetooth speakers enabled with a mic.
  • Casual Fun & Use: Some of the Bluetooth speakers with mic allow the users to wake up their voice assistants and ask anything they want or update their schedules and even set a reminder too.

Best Bluetooth Speakers With Mic in 2023 in India

1. Boult Verve -Top-Notch Bluetooth Speakers

Incorporated with an in-built HD mic, the Verve speaker from Boult with 8 hours of non-stop playtime on a single charge, has become one of the popular audio devices. It is being used at workplaces for online group meetings & calls and at homes as a personal assistant as well. The speaker is enabled with a single-press AI voice assistant which is very useful for both personal and professional usage. The HD mic allows clear and crisp conversations and allows the other party to listen to each of your words.

The speaker is embedded with a 57 mm big audio driver to provide you with loud and clear sound out of the speaker. It also comes with a “Dual Playback” mode which allows the users to connect to the speaker wirelessly and physically as well. Bluetooth is the wireless mode while the USB drive, SD card, and AUX cable are the physical modes you can connect your smartphone or laptop to the Verve speakers.

2. Boult Arc – An Amazing Bluetooth Speaker With Mic

Boult Arc is another excellent Bluetooth speaker with an HD mic available in the market. It offers sound quality as amazing as Boult Verve, but it is a little compact in size which makes it easier to carry anywhere. Arc speaker has also a pre-embedded HD mic which is very useful in online meetings and calls and as a voice assistant as well. It is an affordable Bluetooth speaker which is available in attractive designs and colors. Compact in size yet this Bluetooth speaker with a mic offers 8 hours of playtime with amazing sound quality and strong Bluetooth connectivity. The extra bass feature allows the users to enjoy the sound and music a little more.

The users can connect their smartphones or laptops physically with Arc speakers through AUX cable connectivity. IPX5 water resistance and sturdy-build design make the Arc speaker more durable to use for a longer period of time.

In a Nutshell

In this article, we have tried to appropriately explain all the benefits of the utilities of a Bluetooth speaker incorporated with a mic. And we hope that you find this article useful. If it does, then kindly share this article with your friends to whom it can be useful and beneficial.