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Boult SmartWatch - Best Smart Watches To Track Fitness and More

Smartwatches are no longer just a fashion statement - they can now be used to keep track of your health, monitor your sleep patterns, access your music library, and much more. Boult is known for its innovative and high-quality consumer electronics products, and its smartwatches are no different. These devices are packed with features that allow you to stay connected and productive while on the go. Boult’s best smartwatch devices are designed for those who lead an active lifestyle. These smartwatches have all of the basic features that a normal smartwatch has, but they also include additional sensors for tracking things like steps taken and calories burned. They also have a rugged design that can withstand more intense activities like running or hiking. Let’s find out what other salient features the users get with Boult best smartwatches.

Top Features Offered By Boult Best Smart Watches:

i. Bluetooth Calling:

Bluetooth Calling has become an essential feature for smart watches to possess as it allows users to have quick conversations. Boult's Bluetooth calling smartwatch devices are equipped with an in-built mic and dedicated speakers with Bluetooth chipset for a seamless calling experience.

ii. Complete Health Monitor:

All wireless and Bluetooth earbuds from Boult have been incorporated with this fast-charging technology which offers hours of playtime for a few minutes of charging.

iii. Long Battery Backup:

Boult smart watches come with a complete health monitor that allows the users to track their blood oxygen (SpO2) levels, heartbeat rate, sleep time, and even menstrual cycles which is very helpful for women. That’s why Boult stands among the best smartwatch brands in India.

iv. Sports Modes:

All the Boult Smartwatches offer more than 60 sports modes for fitness geeks who want to make themselves fitter. These sports modes, in the Boult fitness smartwatch, cater to different exercises, workouts, and sports that the users can use to train their bodies and keep themselves healthy

v. Smart Notifications:

It is also a very helpful feature that Boult's best smart watches offer to users. Whether it is an SMS, WhatsApp text, an email or a missed call, users can have a quick glance on all these notifications on their smartwatch screen.

vi. Days of Battery Backup:

Incorporated with an efficient battery, Boult smart watch devices are built to last long, for a week or more on a single charge. So, don’t worry about charging the watch at quick intervals.

vii.Days of Battery Backup:

In this life of hustle and bustle, people have to do a lot of important tasks and therefore there is very less space for patience in their lives. Keeping in mind this thing, Boult smart watch devices have been incorporated with the Lightning™ Boult Fast Charging technology that gives a couple of days of battery life within just a few minutes of charging

viii. Water Resistance:

Smartwatch devices have become an essential part of people’s lives just like water, and sometimes keeping them apart from each other becomes impossible. Don’t worry. Boult Smartwatch devices are protected from water with IP67 and IP68 water resistance.

ix. Other Features:

Boult smartwatches have been developed to be useful in all possible ways for the users and have been incorporated with multiple features like: .

  • In-Built Games - You can play a few games on your smartwatch easily to kill boredom.
  • Reminders - A feature to remind you to drink water at certain intervals.
  • Torch - With a bright display, the smartwatch comes with an in-built torch.
  • Find Your Phone - This feature will make your phone ring so that you can find where it is.
  • Tap & Pay - The smartwatch comes with an in-built QR code that you can use to receive payments online via UPI.

All these features and our design makes Boult one of the best smartwatch brands in India.

FAQs Regarding Boult's Best Smartwatches 

Q1. What are the best smartwatches from Boult?

All Boult smartwatch devices are best-in-class offering a great user experience. But to name some, Drift, Ridge, Dive+ and Rover are some of the best smart watches from Boult.

Q2. Are Boult Smartwatch devices enabled with Bluetooth Calling?

To meet the requirements of every kind of user, we develop simple and Bluetooth calling smartwatch devices both. You can always check the product specifications before you buy it. Rover, Drift, Dive+, Ridge and other smart watches from Boult are enabled with Bluetooth calling

Q3. Are the Boult smart watches water-resistant in nature?

Of course. Boult's best smartwatches are certified with IP67 and IP68 protection and can withstand water drops, spills, and splashes very easily.

Q4. Does Boult have any fitness smartwatch?

All the watches from Boult are fitness smartwatch devices as they offer various sports modes and a complete health tracker that help in keeping you fit and healthy.