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Boult Bluetooth Headphones - Most Popular Wireless Headphones in India.

Bluetooth headphones from Boult are considered one of the best quality over-ear headphones in the market. The Boult wireless headphones are built to deliver a great sound experience, comfortable fit, in-built mic, seamless connectivity, long hours of playtime, water resistance, and much more. Wireless Bluetooth headphones with mic have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more people switch from traditional wired headphones to wireless ones. With Bluetooth over-ear headphones, you can enjoy your favourite music, podcasts, and other audio content without being tethered to your device. Since Boult's all audio devices render great audio quality and experience, its wireless headphones are no exceptions. Let’s see other salient features that Boult Bluetooth headphones have to offer to its users below.

Top Features Offered By Boult Wireless Headphones:

i. Great Sound Quality with Extra Bass:

The wireless over ear headphones from Boult are embedded with BoomX™ technology which helps in providing enhanced Bass and better sound quality as compared to other audio devices.

ii. Long Battery Life:

Our wireless speakers are truly wireless but also offer other connectivity & playback features to the users as well. You can connect your phone or laptop with Boult portable speakers with the help of an AUX cable as well. Playback modes like USB and SD Card are also available.

iii. Comfort Fit Design:

To use Bluetooth headphones conveniently for longer hours, it is necessary for them to have a comfortable fit design with comfy cushion ear-cups. And all Boult over-ear headphones are built to provide great comfort fit to their users.

iv. Seamless Connectivity:

Boult’s wireless headphones are embedded with the latest versions of Bluetooth technology and therefore offer seamless connectivity up to a certain long distance.

v. In-Built Mic with ENC:

Along with offering a high-quality sound experience, our over ear headphones are known to offer a top-notch calling experience as well with a dedicated ENC-enabled mic. If you are looking for wireless headphones with mic then Boult devices are a great choice.

vi. Active Noise Cancellation:

Active noise cancellation has become a popular feature in audio devices as it helps cancel noise for a superior audio experience. Boult headphones also come with ANC technology so that all your entertainment comes to life with clear and crisp audio, without any noise.

FAQs Regarding Boult's Best Bluetooth Headphones.

Q1. What are the best headphones from Boult?

Boult offers a range of best Bluetooth headphones and all of them are the best in their price segment. Yet to name, Anchor, Thunder, and Ranger are the most selling headphones from Boult.

Q2. Do Boult Headphones come with active noise cancellation?

Currently, the Anchor headphones from Boult come with an Active Noise Cancellation feature.

Q3. Are the Boult Bluetooth Headphones water-resistant in nature?

All Boult wireless headphones come with an IPX5 water-resistance feature and can withstand splashes, spills, and sweat easily.

Q4. Are Boult Over Ear Headphones comfortable for long use?

Without any doubt, you can choose Boult wireless headphones for long hours of usage as it comes with comfy cushion earcups and does not cause any pain to your ears.