best wired earphones under 1000

Tired of Charging Devices? Get Best Wired Earphones Under 1000

Wired earphones are a popular choice among music lovers due to their superior sound quality and durability. They offer a more stable and reliable connection than wireless earphones. They are also more affordable and easier to use than wireless earphones. Wired earphones come in various sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect pair that fits your needs. Additionally, they don’t require any extra batteries or charging time, making them ideal for those who want a reliable listening experience without any fuss. These earphones are known for their exceptional sound quality, comfortable fit, and durable build. They are also favored by audiophiles and professionals in the music industry. So, to help you out find the best-wired earphones under 1000 rupees, we have mentioned some of the top-notch and elegantly designed wired earphones below. So, kindly go through them and choose the best one for you.

Detailed List of Best Wired Earphones Under 1000 Rupees in India

1. Boult Audio Oak - A Premium Design Wired Earphone

Boult Oak is one of the exquisitely designed wired earphones offered by Boult Audio under 1000 rupees. Coming from a reputed and well-known audio brand like Boult, the Oak device, for sure, offers excellent audio quality along with premium design but the big deal about this wired product is that it is available for below 500 rupees only.

This wired earphone contains a wooden element that gives it a premium look and enhances the look of the user itself. Alongside, this wired earphone under 1000 bucks is built with strong Kevlar cables to protect it from any kind of damage due to bends or pressures and increase its durability. With 10 mm drivers and extra bass features, users get a great sound experience. The product is currently available on the Amazon website. Visit and check out its other features and user reviews.

2. Boult Audio Loop- Amazing wired earphones under 1000

Incorporated with a 12 mm powerful driver, extra bass, passive noise cancellation, and snug fit design, enjoy your music more than ever with Boult Loop wired earphones. It is one of the most affordable and durable earphones in India that comes with an IPX5 water resistance for under 1000 rupees only. Boult Audio Loop wired earphones are designed to offer some other prime features like voice assistant, inline controls, and an HD mic for more utility. The 45 degree angled driver, adjustable loop, and comfy eartips provides the user with the comfortable fit. The Boult Audio Loop wired earphone is available at the eCommerce websites Amazon and Flipkart.

3. Boult Audio Loop 2 - Best wired earphones under 1000

Boult Loop 2 is an upgraded version of the Boult Loop wired earphone. It is counted among the best wired earphones under 1000 rupees with better design and better sound quality. It consists of microwoofers along with 10 mm audio drivers to enhance the overall music experience. It is protected from splashes with IPX5 water resistance and comes with inline controls to easily control your playlist and even accept and reject calls too. The adjustable ear loops are upgraded to give you a more comfortable fit in the ears. These highly durable wired earphones are the best choice if you are looking for an affordable but quality audio solutions. Boult Loop 2 is available at the eCommerce giant Flipkart. Visit the page and buy now.

4. Boult Audio Storm-X

The Storm-X is another wired earphone from Boult Audio that offers excellent audio quality. With 3.5 mm jack, Boult Storm-X can be used with any feature phone, smartphone, or even laptop devices. Just like other Boult wired earphones under 1000 rupees, it also comes with IPX5 water resistance, inline controls and extra bass features for a complete and superb sound experience. One of the prime features of the Storm-X wired earphone is that it is completely made up of metal body which gives it a premium look and allow the users to enjoy their music more. This earphone is available at the Amazon website at just 298 rupees only.


The above mentioned earphones are known for their exceptional audio clarity, comfortable fit, and durable construction. Additionally, they are suitable for a wide range of music genres and are compatible with various devices. Ultimately, the best wired earphones for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences, but the above options are all excellent choices that are sure to provide a superior listening experience.