Fast Charging

Lightning™ Boult Fast Charging: The Ultimate Tutorial

Introduction to Fast Charging

Fast charging technology is revolutionizing the way we charge our audio devices. It is a type of technology that allows devices to charge much faster than traditional methods. This technology uses higher voltages and currents to rapidly charge batteries, allowing users to get more out of their audio devices in less time. With fast charging, users can now enjoy their music for longer periods without worrying about battery life. In this article, we are going to discuss such a technology popularly known as Lightning™ Boult fast charging which is being used in all of the Boult products ranging from earbuds to smartwatches. We will learn what it is and how it benefits the users. So, read on. 

Lightning™ Boult Fast Charging

Lightning™ Boult is the trademark of Boult Audio in terms of fast charging which the brand uses in almost all of its products to allow users to power their devices instantly. This fast-charging technology has been incorporated into Boult’s TWS earbuds, neckbands, and smartwatches. Within a few minutes of charging, Boult products give hours and even days of playtime to the users.  

Benefits of Fast Charging Technology 

Fast charging technology incorporated in devices like earbuds and neckbands gives good benefits. It allows users to go from dead to full power in just a few minutes. This makes them ideal for people who want to charge their devices while they are on the move or while they are relaxing at home. 

Fast charging also helps reduce battery weight, which means that it will not be as heavy as traditional batteries when installed in a device. This makes it easier for users to carry around their audio devices without worrying about whether they are going to run out of power quickly enough before reaching their destination or before finishing their favorite song.  

Fast charging technology also helps to extend the life of our audio devices by reducing the amount of time they are exposed to high levels of power. This means that we can enjoy our audio devices for longer periods of time without having to worry about them running out of power too quickly. 

Top Products From Boult Using Lightning™ Boult Fast Charging 

Following Boult products use the trademark Lightning™ Boult Fast Charging technology for making the devices instant-ready: 

  1. Omega: It is a true wireless earbud from Boult that comes with an excellent battery backup giving 32 hours of playtime powered with fast charging. It offers 100 minutes of playtime in just 10 minutes of charging. Additionally, Omega comes with ANC, ENC, quad mics, extra bass, and other top features.
  2. Z40: With a total playtime of 60 hours, the Z40 earbuds are also able to provide 100 minutes of playtime in 10 minutes of fast charging. Bluetooth 5.2, IPX5 water resistance, and extra bass are some of the additional features that users get along with it.
  3. Maverick: It is a gaming Bluetooth earbud from Boult designed especially for gamers who like to play combat games online. With intensive gaming usage, a need for fast charging is obvious and Boult has fulfilled that need. Just for 10 minutes of Charging, Boult Maverick is able to give 120 minutes, i.e. 2 hours of playtime to the users.
  4. Z35: It is another TWS product from Boult which has been crafted for gaming purposes. And just like Maverick, this product also offers 120 minutes of playtime within 10 minutes of charging. ENC, IPX5 water resistance, and Bluetooth 5.3 are some other features that are offered to the users.

For more audio products, you may check our earbuds and neckband pages.  

Talking about the Lightning™ Boult Fast Charging technology in Boult smartwatches, you will get surprised by the fact that 10 to 15 minutes of charging powers these products to stay active for 2 days on standard usage. Approximately all of the smartwatches from Boult offer this fast charging feature. You can see their details on our Smartwatch collection page.

In a Nutshell

In this article, we have tried to properly explain the Lightning™ Boult fast charging technology to you. We hope that you have understood this concept and have learned how our products are powered. So, please share it with your friends and groups to let them know about this technology too.