Boult Track

Welcome to "BoultTrack"! We cherish your trust in us for providing personal information, and thus we will process your personal information according to this Privacy Policy and protect your information security.


(1) "BoultTrack" is a software operated by Exotic Mile Private Limited for recording and analyzing users' exercise and health data and providing professional exercise guidance and health services. In providing services to you, we may need to collect information (including but not limited to personal information) related to the information provided by you or your equipment. This Privacy Policy aims to help you understand the purpose, method and scope of our collection of your personal Information and how we use and protect your personal information.

(2) To protect your privacy, we will not collect any of your information (including but not limited to IMEI, IMSI, device MAC address, software list, device serial number, android ID) before you agree to the authorization.

(3) Please read and understand this Privacy Statement carefully before using our products and services. This product is to serve adults. If you are a minor, please read and understand the relevant terms of service accompanied by the legal guardian, and use this service under the guidance of the guardian.

(4) If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Statement, You can cancel the authorization or close the "BoultTrack", and we will not be able to provide you with the corresponding services. If you agree to authorize, it means that you have fully understood the following information collection and use behaviors and the rights owned by you, etc. and agreed with us to collect and use the information you provided and device-related information.

1. How do we collect and use your personal information
1.1 When the app is in use or after exiting, data transmission is done through continuing to access the motion sensor to acquire step data and connecting the network. To provide sports guidance and health services, we need to collect and use your personal information as follows:

(a) Log in through your account and enjoy the "EMPL" service. You need to register or log in your account to use the "EMPL" service, so we will collect your account-related information, which may include your account number, nickname, avatar, height, weight and gender.

(b) To manage your sports data, we need to collect your device location, motion trajectory, sports type (walking, running, etc.), exercise duration, steps, distance, calorie, exercise heart rate and other sports data. The location and trajectory are sensitive personal information, and the purpose of collecting such information is to record and count your daily sports data and trajectory, and provide you with personalized sports services.

(c) To promote the accuracy of the sports data, some functions will require your height, weight and sports setting (such as sports object, heart rate interval, metric or British setting). If such information is not provided, it will affect the accuracy of sports data calculation, but it will not affect the basic functions of the app.

(d) To manage your health data, we need to collect your sleep, heart rate, ECG, blood pressure and blood oxygen information. The purpose of collecting such information is to record and count your daily health data, and provide personalized health services.

(e) To provide you with information presentation services, your sports and health data will be counted and presented in the "BoultTrack".

(f) To realize the achievement system service, we need to count your sports and health history data, including nickname, avatar, steps, exercise duration, sports achievement, sleep data and region, so as to generate your sports records and weekly/monthly/annual report according to your sports and health history data. If you don't provide such information, we will not be able to provide you with achievement-related services.

(g) To provide you with customer support services, you can give us feedback on the "feedback" interface in case of any question on use of the app. The logs and contact information you uploaded are only used for communication and problem location, and will be deleted automatically after use. If you do not provide such information, the developers will not be able to solve the problems you encounter, but this will not affect your use of other functions of this service.

1.2 During the use of this app, you need to connect the network and call the following mobile phone permissions: location, Bluetooth, camera, address book, call log access, phone, storage, and Internet connection.

1.3 In the use of wearable devices related to this app, we may collect your personal information:

(a) To manage your wearable devices (including watches and bracelets), we need to collect user information (including but not limited to IMEI, IMSI, device MAC address, software list, device serial number, android ID), device type and device configuration data.The purpose of collecting such information is to establish Bluetooth connection, manage device configuration, complete software upgrading and display data source. Network information includes IP address, network type and network connection status, and these data will be used for improving the network connection experience.

(b) Some wearable devices support Bluetooth message synchronization service, which needs to connect to the network and use the phone, SMS, notification, address book, and call history permissions to send phone numbers, contacts, call status, SMS, and notification messages to paired devices in the background.

(c) When some wearable devices are connected and managed through wearable applications, the personal data (gender, age, height, weight, etc.) and device configuration data will be transferred to the wearable through a secure channel.

(d) Some wearable devices support the weather forecast function. Your location information will be sent locally from your mobile phone to the weather service provider to obtain the weather information of your region.

1.4 Your personal information will only be used for the purpose stated at the time of collection and authorized by yourself. We will ask for your consent in advance for any other purpose. Meanwhile, we will take all reasonable and feasible targeted organizational and technical measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss.

2. How do we disclose your personal information
2.1 Some service contents in this app are provided by the third-party service provider, so we need to provide your personal information to the third-party service provider, as follows:

(a) To achieve rich third-party sports and health services (including Google fit, WeChat Sports and other third-party suppliers), after you open corresponding function authorization, this service will synchronize the sports data to the corresponding third-party platform or server according to the specific service content you select. These sports data may contain sensitive personal information, which is shared to provide appropriate sports and health services to the third party. You need to log in the third party service page or app to view and manage the data shared to the third party. When the service is not required, you can cancel the authorization on the corresponding service provider page. After the cancellation of the authorization, the third party will delete the personal information obtained from "BoultTrack" within a reasonable time. Upon your active authorization, the third party will access the personal information required for relevant services. The collection and processing of specific data are governed by the privacy policy of the third party. Please confirm that you have carefully read the user agreement and relevant privacy policy of the third party service.

(b) The outdoor single movement of this service supports trajectory recording, and its map service is provided by Amap or Google. Before using this function, you confirm that you have carefully read the user agreement and relevant privacy policy of the third party service.
Amaps privacy policy
Google privacy and terms

(C)We use the mobtech sharesdk service of a third party (Shanghai Youkun Information Technology Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "mobtech") to provide you with social sharing, third-party login social sharing and third-party login functions.In order to successfully implement this function, you need to authorize MobTechSDK to provide corresponding services; after your authorization, MobTech will collect your relevant personal information. Regarding the types and purposes of information collected by MobTech, personal information protection rules and opt-out mechanisms, etc., please refer to the privacy policy ( on the MobTech official website (

(d)Third-party login and sharing involve multiple platforms. Before using the functions of the corresponding platform, you confirm that you have carefully read the user agreement of the third-party service and related privacy policies.
Sina WeiBo privacy
Facebook privacy
Twitter privacy
Instagram privacy

(e)In order to better optimize the product and provide you with better service, we use the third-party Umeng statistical analysis SDK, which needs to collect your device Mac address and unique device identification code (IMEI/android ID/IDFA/OPENUDID/GUID, SIM card IMSI information) to provide statistical analysis services. Privacy policy link:
Umeng privacy

3. Your right on the personal information
3.1 To make it easier for you to access, correct your personal information during the use of "BoultTrack", and guarantee your right to withdraw the right of using the personal information, we provide you with corresponding operation settings in the product design, and you can refer to the following guidelines for operation.

(a) Access right. After installing and logging in "BoultTrack", your personal information saved in the cloud will be automatically downloaded and synchronized to the local mobile phone. In the "BoultTrack", you can access your sports data and health data through data cards, including step card, sports card. You can view your nickname, avatar, gender, date of birth, height, weight, and sports setting data on "My Profile" page.

(b) Correction right. You can modify and update your nickname, avatar, gender, date of birth, height, weight and sports setting data on "My Profile" page. However, for the data accuracy and authority, the data automatically acquired from the mobile phone or sports health device does not provide the functions of editing and updating.

(c) After you stop using some functions of "BoultTrack", we will stop collecting your personal information involved in these functions. After you delete your account, we will delete or anonymize your personal information immediately.

(d)Account cancellation reminder. Please remember that canceling an account is an irreversible operation. Before operating, please confirm that all data related to the account has been properly processed. If you cancel your account, you will not be able to use the account to retrieve all your exercise data or health records (even if you use the same mobile phone number or email to register), including but not limited to: you will not be able to log in and use the account ID. Your relatives and friends cannot add you as relatives and friends through the account ID; the health records, sleep records, and exercise records under your account will not be retrieved; third-party sports health apps (Apple Health, Google fit, or WeChat Sports) associated with your account The data in) will not be updated.

3.2 If you have any question or suggestion, please send an email to to contact us.