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The Best Dashcam for Indian Roads - Boult CruiseCam  

Introducing the best dashcam in India, made specifically to endure the rawness of Indian roads. We’ve developed the best dashcam for cars to enhance your driving experience and ensure you’re safe. Boult’s most recent series of budget dashcams - CruiseCam X1 and CruiseCam X1 GPS are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. 

Benefits of CruiseCam 

With the Boult CruiseCam X1 and CruiseCam X1 GPS dashcam you get complete protection and convenience. It helps you steer clear from road rage incidents, prevents wrongful police challans, quickly alerts you about jerks & collisions, aids in insurance claims, and allows you to capture stunning vlogs effortlessly. With complete app control at your fingertips, managing your dashcam has never been easier. 

Made for Indian Roads 

Designed specifically for Indian roads, these dashcams are built to withstand the diverse and often challenging driving conditions in India, providing durability and adaptability that you can rely on in every journey. 

Clear Visuals 

Experience the clearest visuals with these 1080p Full HD dashcams. Every detail is captured with stunning clarity, thanks to the 2MP sensors, ensuring that your recordings are sharp and vibrant, whether it's day or night. 

Ultra-Wide FOV 

Make sure you never miss a moment as these car dashcams come equipped with a 170-degree ultra-wide field of view. They capture a broad view of the road ahead minimizing blind spots and give you complete protection and peace of mind. 

G Sensor 

These G-sensor dashcams automatically detect collisions and secure all dashcam footage, safeguarding crucial evidence in the event of an accident. This ensures that even the slightest of jerks to your car get recorded, leaving no stone unturned. 

Built-in Super Capacitor 

Both Boult CruiseCam models are designed in such a way that they can work flawlessly even in the most extreme temperatures as they feature a built-in super capacitor, enhancing durability and performance.  

GPS Support and Advanced Features 

In addition to all the features, the Boult CruiseCam X1 GPS dashcam model includes GPS support, allowing careful tracking of all your journeys. This feature aids in navigation, provides critical data for evidence, and logs travel routes. 

Experience Boult CruiseCam - Your Reliable Driving Companion 

Boult CruiseCam X1 and CruiseCam X1 GPS are customised to meet the specific demands of Indian drivers. With features like ultra-wide FOV, G-sensor collision detection, and a robust super capacitor, these wireless dashcams provide unmatched protection and convenience, which also makes them the best dashcam in India.  

Choose Boult CruiseCam dashcam for cars to enhance your driving experience and ensure your safety on the road. 

FAQ’s regarding BOULT Cruisecams 

Q. How does the CruiseCam X1 record? 

A. The CruiseCam X1 uses a Micro SD card to record videos continuously. Videos can be accessed via the Boult Cruise App. It also generates event-based recordings available under the Events Tab. You can set the recording length to 1, 2, or 3 minutes. 

Q. Can I view events and recordings outside of my car? 

A. No, you can't. The app shows events and recordings only when connected to the dashcam via Wi-Fi hotspot. Without the connection, only downloaded clips are accessible. 

Q. Can I view real-time videos remotely? 

A. No, real-time videos can only be viewed when connected to the dashcam's Wi-Fi hotspot. Downloaded videos are accessible anytime. 

Q. How can I view important videos later when I'm out of the car? 

A. Download important clips while connected to the CruiseCam X1 in your car. Once downloaded, clips are stored locally and can be accessed anytime via the app.