Best Earbuds for Music and Calls

Best Earbuds for Music and Calls

Do you remember the time back then when we needed to carry bulky and messy wired earphones wherever we went? The wires always got tangled a second after you put them in the bag. Thanks to modern advancements in earbud technology, we now have TWS earphones.

If you have used wired earphones earphones, you must have come across a common problem of malfunctioning chords that completely ruin your mood to listen to music and give you a headache to buy new ones. However, with the advent of wireless buds, this problem has completely vanished.

"True wireless earbuds for Music and Calls"

Now, Music lovers are called Audiophiles, are moving from wired, messy earphones to modern, compact-looking earbuds. They not only look awesome but also provide better value than wired ones. Almost all brands have begun producing their own wireless earbuds, but only a few have mastered the art of making the best earbuds in India at an affordable price.

Why Choose Wireless Earbuds?

The first and foremost reason is that it offers you freedom of movement. You don't have to take your smartphone or laptop with you to keep listening to the music if you are moving from one to another. Plus, while running or doing workouts, it doesn't disturb your flow.

Wireless earbuds offer you an active lifestyle, as the comfortable ear tip strongly holds the earbud to your ear. With technology advancing, these TWS earbuds began to have very exclusive features like ENC(Environment Noise Cancellation) and ANC(Active Noise Cancellation).

So, that's enough intro for these wireless earbuds; let's dive into the best and most affordable earbuds in India that offer quality and more value for money.


Top Bluetooth Earbuds in the Market:

Choosing the perfect set of earbuds can be very confusing, as they offer many features, but choosing the perfect buds for your personal style is very important.
  • Boult Omega (32 hours playtime, Type-C fast charging, Active Noise Cancellation)
  • Boult Maverick (Zen™ Mode ENC, Combat™ Gaming Mode, Water Resistant, Fast Charging)
  • Boult Z40 (60 hours playtime, Zen™ Mode ENC, Fast Charging, Extra Bass)
  • Boult K60 (30 hours playtime, Type-C fast charging, Active Noise Cancellation, ENC, Water Resistant)
  • Boult X45 (Zen™ Mode ENC, Combat™ Gaming Mode, Bluetooth 5.3, 40 hours playtime)

Choosing the Right earbuds for you:

With the above list, we hope you have an idea of what features you must look for before getting yourself earbuds. Give great attention to supportable codecs by earphones, SBC, and AAC. AAC is the highest quality of audio, ideal for music lovers to hear every beat.

Also, check the amount of playtime your earbuds offer on a single charge. The above mentioned earbud models give around 100 minutes of quality playtime with just 10 minutes of charge.

Waterproof and sweatproof feature are necessary to protect your investment from accidental damage.

Use wireless earbuds properly:

Using deep bass earbuds is easy; you don't need to read the manual. But with little effort, you can increase the earphone's battery life. The power of wireless gives you the freedom to move but also gives you the task of charging the buds. With 10 mins of charge, these earbuds can provide up to 100 mins of playtime. Keep in mind that the Bluetooth range is limited, and if you go a little far from the earbuds, you may experience some audio lag.

In a Nutshell:

Wireless earbuds are truly amazing gadgets of this century, and they will rule the audio equipment industry for many years to come. The amount of convenience these buds provide is unimaginable. Enjoy total freedom to move and the versatility to do more while listening to your favorite playlist. The future seems promising with ANC and ENC technology integrated into the earbuds.