FAQs Regarding Boult's Best Smartwatches 

Q1. What are the best smartwatches from Boult?

All Boult smartwatch devices are best-in-class offering a great user experience. But to name some, Dive Evo, Rover Ultra, Dive+ and Rover are some of the best smart watches from Boult.

Q2. Are Boult Smartwatch devices enabled with Bluetooth Calling?

To meet the requirements of every kind of user, we develop simple and Bluetooth calling smartwatch devices both. You can always check the product specifications before you buy it. Rover, Drift, Dive+, Ridge and other smart watches from Boult are enabled with Bluetooth calling

Q3. Are the Boult smart watches water-resistant in nature?

Of course. Boult's best smartwatches are certified with IP67 and IP68 protection and can withstand water drops, spills, and splashes very easily.

Q4. Does Boult have any fitness smartwatch?

All the watches from Boult are fitness smartwatch devices as they offer various sports modes and a complete health tracker that help in keeping you fit and healthy.