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Product FAQs

Active noise cancellation blocks out all the background noise so that you can experience a hassle free call and music. Triple Tap on the left earbud to switch in between Normal, Ambient and ANC mode.

Yes, you can use any 5 or 10 watt adapter to charge your product.

Place both the earbuds inside the charging case, LED light blinks Red while charging and it will constantly glow Red once fully charged, the earbuds takes up to 1.5 hours to completely charge.

Triple tap the right earbud

Double tap to Play/Pause any track, press left/right earbud for 2 seconds to switch between Previous/Next track.

Double tap on any earbud to answer the call, press for 1 second to reject the call.

Yes, it is IPX5 water-resistant

Yes, the product is compatible with all the devices.

Long press the earbuds for 10 seconds under turn off state then try unpairing, repairing them again.

Long press the charging box button for 10 seconds to clear and then group up.