Wired Earphone for Sale Straight from The House of Boult Audio

Wired Earphone for Sale Straight from The House of Boult Audio

Modern technology has introduced wireless headphones under multiple sections. You have in-ear headphones, an overhead option, earbuds, and more, for which you don’t have to bother about the wires and connect them to your smartphone via Bluetooth. But the old charm of wired earphone for sale is still here, and there is a large group of individuals who still prefer investing in wired headphones instead of wireless ones. So, that’s why Boult Audio has a completely different section, which talks about the wired earphones up for sale. Without wasting your precious time further, you can start checking out the options available from here.


The sleek and colorful body of this earphone makes it over the top for most people out there. If you want to add a dash of color, then scarlet red is your option. And when it comes to the price, this earphone is available for 349 rupees instead of 1199 bucks! That’s a huge sale that is going on for a limited time frame. So, hurry up before the product vanishes. Right now, it is getting sold like hotcakes!


Now in four different colors, X1 from Boult Audio is known for its lightweight. Even if you are wearing the headphone for hours, you won’t feel a thing. Some people might even forget that they have a headphone on! Moreover, it has an easy wakeup and pair version, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. To top it all, it has perfect voice command, and there is passive noise cancellation as well to consider. Then you have IPX5 water-resistant feature as one point to address here.


Pay just 299 rupees and get these headphones in black, red, or in blue color. It is one of the best deals on headphones, which was previously priced at 999 rupees. Even students with limited pocket money can invest in these headphones and get the item delivered to their given address right on time.

  • This headphone is pretty light in weight and can be carried around with you anywhere you want.
  • It has extra bass for good quality music whenever you plug it in your smartphone or any other mobile device like a laptop and more.
  • Moreover, you will get the best voice command as well with this particular item.

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Don’t forget to go through all the possible options under the wired section and check out their features and discounted deals first. It helps you to make the right choice when the time comes.