Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds – Simple Options Within Pre-Set Budgets

Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds – Simple Options Within Pre-Set Budgets

Sometimes, taking a dip in the swimming pool will ease out your body warmth and will provide you with the coolness you want. It is true that listening to music while swimming will make this adventure even more exhilarating for you. You will feel the music flowing with the water and helping you to concentrate on your task. But, not all headphones are meant for the same. You need proper waterproof bluetoothearbuds, which will stay connected to your phone without you taking the smartphone with you for a dip. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about the headphones getting damaged. The IPX5 and IPX7 features will ensure that your headphones get the best protection from water.

  • Try out the Tru5ive Pro:

The Tru5ive Pro from the house of Boult Audio is one of the most top-notch products when it comes to waterproof headphones. The earbud technology will ensure that the product fits right into your ear and offer that good vibe, much like you have asked for it. Just connect the headphone with your music playlist on the smartphone and go for a dive. You will enjoy uninterrupted music as long as you are within the Bluetooth range of your phone. It rates at 2299 rupees.

  • Com Buds – your next best option:

If Tru5ive is not your cup of tea and you are looking for something a bit more cost-effective than the previous one, then Com Buds are the one you can try. By spending a mere 1299 bucks, you will get hands-on the best earbud you could have asked for! It has 15 hours of long-lasting battery life, which will provide free-flowing music once you have charged it 100%. With easy auto-pairing and passive noise cancellation features, you don’t have to bother to invest in other outdoor sounds while listening to music while swimming.

  • Mono Pod – the ultimate sports earbud:

In case you are looking for sports earphones, then Mono Pod is the most cost-effective option from the house of Boult Audio. It is currently available for 699 rupees. So, hurry up and get the offer before it gets too late! Once charged, it has 24 hours of battery life! It means you might get tired of listening to music, but the earbud will still be by your side. It has an IPX5 water-resistant feature as well.

So, next time you are planning to venture into the world of waterproof earbuds, Bould Audio has some outstanding solutions for you.