Sports Bluetooth Earphones – The Overhead Options Available From Boult Audio

Sports Bluetooth Earphones – The Overhead Options Available From Boult Audio
Apart from earbuds, overhead earphones are also gaining quite some popularity among the masses. The best part is that you can be considered them to be one of the best sports bluetooth earphones, as there is no hassle associated with wired services. Overhead earphones are primarily available in two types. One is the most common one with wired services. You have to plug the wire with your host device to listen to music. And another one is wireless and runs on Bluetooth connectivity.
So, next time you are making plans to get along with some such wireless overhead headphones, try to give Boult Audio a chance, and you won’t regret making this decision at all. 
  • Thunder:
It is one of the most promising overhead Bluetooth headphones, available in its Crimson red-black color. Just pay 1199 rupees, and this headphone will become yours. Once charged, this product will last for 10 hours straight, offering you uninterrupted music throughout. Then you have the extra bass as another impressive feature over here. To top that, it has auto pairing services and proper voice command as some of the other characteristics to address.
  • Ranger:
Just like Thunder, Ranger is another masterpiece from the house of Boult Audio and perfect for helping you get the music of your dreams. It is a great gaming headphone, which is comfortable to wear for long hours and will last for a long time once charged. It is currently available in the mysterious black-gold combination and is a little bit pricey than Thunder. But, 1799 rupees is quite a reasonable price to address.
  • FluidX:
If you really want a headphone, which is easy to carry and you don’t have to fear of breaking it, then FluidX is the one for you. It is available in Raven Black color, and you just have to pay 1099 rupees for the item. Much like Thunder, once charged, this headphone is also going to last for 10 hours straight. The perfect Bluetooth 5.0 connection makes it easier to pair these headphones with any mobile device you want. It can also be your running earphones, which will hang around your neck if not used and won’t cause any trouble.
Get the one you like:
So, without wasting any further time, you should check out all these options now and get the best earphone available within pre-set budget plans. Check out the features and the price range before making a decision.