Sports Bluetooth Earphones – Get Some Of The Wired Ones From Boult Audio

Sports Bluetooth Earphones – Get Some Of The Wired Ones From Boult Audio

If you think that wireless headphone is the one for sports practice, then think again. If you can get hands-on with the best company, then even top-class wired headphones will do the trick for you. Procure the finest wired sports bluetooth earphones from Boult Audio. There are so many interesting options available, and some of the major wired versions are now listed below for your reference. So, make sure to go through these options now.


Available in four different colors, LOOP is one of the best-wired headphones you can get your hands on. It is purposely designed for music lovers. This product will deliver some high-fidelity audio. Moreover, the lightweight earphone is also quite easy to carry, and it comes in with a premium finish and silicone earbuds. So, no matter how long you are planning to listen to music, the silicone pads will make it comfortable.

It is also known for having the Kevlar cable. So, that means you will enjoy tangle-free and sturdy cables to go with the headphone.


If you are looking for yet another option under running earphones, then X1 is the one for you to cover right now. It is available in four different colors, and those are Raven Black, Crimson Red, Sapphire Blue, and Tranquil Gray. The stunning aesthetic of this product is an eye-turner, mainly with its sleek design and the finished look. It is a must-have for your daily use, and the quality of this product will always remain to be the best.

  • It comes in handy with passive noise cancellation. It helps in canceling out the disturbances and gets focused on the output every time whenever you plan to use this item. 
  • On the other hand, this monopod is likely to stay safe from any kind of sweat and slashes with its IPX5. So, you get the chance to live your better life to the fullest with this piece of item.
  • You even get the chance to control your music. Increase or decrease the volume or even play and pause. You can do anything you want with the device and simply by using the controls on the X1.
So, waste no time further and get in touch with the right team for addressing the needs well. Check-in with the best options from Boult Audio and don’t have to worry about the quality at all.