In-Ear Earphones – Simple, Effective and Cost-Effective In Nature

In-Ear Earphones – Simple, Effective and Cost-Effective In Nature

Music always makes you happy. Even if you are going through a boring time, a little bit of pumped-up music will add that extra flow of energy you have been missing. It is true that simple tricks will go a long way when it comes to earphones. With so many options available in the market, selecting anyone specifically can be tough. But if you don’t want any basic product to invest in, try out the in-ear earphones for a change. 

These earphones are available in their sleek body and can hang around your neck easily. These options are wireless and get connected via Bluetooth. So, when you are all set to listen to some music, put the earpieces inside your ear, and the product gets connected to your smart device automatically. If you are planning to get top-notch quality in-ear products, then choose the best items from Boult Audio. Let’s learn more about the options available.


You can now purchase this in-ear piece from Boult Audio in three different colors – scarlet red, raven black, and sapphire blue. Want to know about the price? It will just cost you around 999 rupees.

  • Once charged, this in-ear product is going to last for 12 hours straight. So, you can now enjoy unstoppable music throughout.
  • You will have magnetic drivers, which will keep the headpieces intact in their positions when not in use. 
  • It has the perfect passive noise cancellation option. So, once you have placed the product in your ear and start playing music, you won’t get distracted by the outer noise much.

Boult Audio Muse:

Another interesting option from the house of Boult Audio is the Muse version. It is very cheaper than the previous option mentioned, and you just have to invest 699 rupees to get your hands on this product. It is currently available in two different colors, which are black and red. So, depending on your choice, you can pick up the best in-ear headphone. The curving nature of the earpiece will make it easier to stick onto your ear. It won’t come off easily, even when you are jogging or doing exercises.

The other option available:

If you are able to spend around 1199 rupees, then Curve Pro from the house of Boult Audio is one of the best ear earphones you can give out a try. Once charged, this product is going to last for 15 hours straight. So, check out the variations available from this manufacturing house before making the right move here.