Get Yourself The Best Wireless Earbuds With Long Battery Life Within Pre-Set Rates

Boult Audio Best Wireless Earbuds

Unwire what holds you back 

Being wired is old school. The way we listened to music has changed and evolved into being an extension of our lifestyle. Today, it’s time to embrace mobility and express freely without inhibitions. Thus, for the ones who do not want to hold back, it's time to go wireless. 

Unplug your essence

Today it’s time to live the unplugged life. Be it music, life, or laughter, everything today is OTT and on the go. Thus, your headphones need to let loose off those wires. Here are some earphones that merge a seamless wireless experience with long-lasting battery life and perfectly blend with the lucidity of your lifestyle. 

Boult Audio Live Buds

Whether you are looking for an earbud for working out or for gaming, this Live Buds from our site is always likely to offer you one life-changing experience. It is one of the best wireless earbuds with long battery life that you might come across. With a whopping 24 hours of battery shelf life, these buds will stay charged up for an entire day, even if you keep it running throughout!

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Boult Audio Muse Buds

If you are looking for Bluetooth earbuds, known for a perfect combination of style and longer battery life, then Muse Buds from our site might have been a great choice for you all. It has 18 hours of battery life once you have charged them in full. You will need Bluetooth 5.0 for its connection. To top it all, such kinds of  bluetooth earbuds with long battery life  are also IPX5 Waterproof. It means your heavy sweat won’t hamper the condition or quality of the earbuds.

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Boult Audio Power Buds

There is Power in the name of this product only, and that’s how you know the kind of powerful music you will get with the help of these ear buds. This particular product will have 24 hours of battery life and extra bass. So, once charged up, be sure to get these buds last for a whole day! Moreover, you can place them under waterproof bluetooth earbuds as well, thanks to its IPX7 waterproofing shelf.

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So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for an earbud with higher battery life and waterproofing features, then we at Boult Audio have some amazing options in the store!