Best Examples Of Over-Ear Workout Earphones To Focus At From Boult Audio

Best Examples Of Over-Ear Workout Earphones To Focus At From Boult Audio

Those days are long gone when you had to take your smartphone in your pocket and then plug in the headphone before you can listen to music. That will distract your gym experience to a great extent and will break the flow you were experiencing. It is because the wire is coming in your way of a free-flowing exercise. So, you can try out some of the specially designed workout earphones for a change. 

These items are not going to have that wired problem that you have been facing with some of the other options now. So, to be honest, you can start enjoying your workout or sports sessions even more, without any form of distraction coming your way. Well, now you have the opportunity to catch up with the team from Boult Audio and get the premium quality over-ear headphones within your pre-set budget plans. Before you make a purchase, let’s learn about those options more.


Available in Raven black color, this flexible over-ear headphone is priced at just 1099 rupees. This product is 100% flexible and bendable. So, here you get the chance to enjoy the best features of a headphone with great music quality and promising response over here.

  • This particular headphone is known to have 10 hours of battery life. So, you can complete your whole sports training within that time frame without running out of juice.
  • On the other hand, you have that extra Bass for a crystal clear musical experience every time.
  • For premium and smooth connectivity with your smartphone or other portable devices, this headphone will support Bluetooth 5.0. 


Another Interesting option under wireless sport earphones will be the Flex version of the over-ear headphone. Also available in the same Raven Black color, this product is a bit expensive when compared to the previous model and will cost you 1199 rupees. The change in the price is very slight, making it easier to opt for this option too.

  • For better water protection, this item has IPX5 water-resistant feature.
  • Apart from that, it has the same 10 hours battery life and east auto-pairing via Bluetooth.
  • It even has that extra Bass, much like the previous model you have been reading about.
So, get along with the best wireless earphone, which will work out in your favor. You can get the best premium quality help available within your pre-set budget plans for sure!